Characteristics of CINQUESTELLE products
To each one his own

Study and reaserch for a product with these characteristics, require the player to wear a tight tool in order to have a better sensitivity in kicking and targeting the ball. It has to be more like a sock than a shoe. To accomplish this, a few expedients are adopted, such as:

  • Anatomical form with low toe-end.
  • Flexible and light leather insole
  • Soft and elastic flexan heel counter
  • Valuable leather, soft but strong
  • Wrapping upper without stuffing
  • A particular and challenging crafting technique, mostly manual
  • Soles entirely sewed to the upper

This crafting leads to a product which, together with the many requisites, offers a lightness which guarantees a greater comfort and reduces the waste of energies of the athlete during the game.

CINQUESTELLE workers, with their technical skill, are able to solve any kind of problem: wide or tight sole, different length of feet and/or legs, toe longer than other fingers, marked or flat arch of the foot, inflammations like bursitis, tendinitis, allux valgus.

The uniqueness of CINQUESTELLE product completes with a frivolousness, which is exclusive too: customizing through embroidery (names, numbers, shields embroided on the tongue or heel counter) introduced after Roberto Baggio wanted to insert his children’s names on his shoes.


  • When purchasing, accurately choose the fitting, the shoe must stick to the foot moulding it from the heel to the toe
  • After usage, brush the shoe with water and let it dry in open air, away from sources of heat (sun, radiators, etc.)
  • Put the shoe away after greasing the leather, preferably with vegetable or animal oil, which penetrates more than grease or creams